Some Guys Have All The Luck…

Some Guys Have All The Luck…

Now we all know about girls night out.  In fact, we even wrote a blog post about that very thing not too long ago.  Which got us thinking… what about the guys?  Don’t they need their own night out?  We think so!

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Now that we’ve settled that, let’s get to planning.  Hit the bars?  Dinner?  Bowling?  Clubbing?  Cruising downtown?  All of the above?  Sure, why not.  Next decision… how are you guys gonna get there?  Taxi?  Phone app car service?  Carpool in your buddy’s mini van?  Seriously?!  No sir, not tonight.  First of all, there’s 6 of you (possibly 8), and you all want to hang out together, not take several cars.  And of course, no one is volunteering to be the all important designated driver.  The decision looks pretty clear at this point.  You guys need a limousine.


OK, you know the game plan, you made your transportation choice, now it just comes down to which limo is right for you.  You could go with an SUV, or maybe a traditional stretch limo, but if you really want to stand out (and stand up inside), you need a Mercedes-Sprinter luxury coach.  This bad boy will get you there in style, with LED lighting, high end multimedia system, and class throughout.


So with the destinations set, the vehicle chosen, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let your professional chauffeur handle all the driving, navigating and parking chores.  He’ll be with you the whole night.  One driver, one car, ready and waiting to take you to your next destination – whether that’s a bar, or back home at the end of the night.  And not to worry… what happens in the limo, stays in the limo.

Take a look at our limousine fleet page, submit a free online limo price quote request, or give us a call.  We’re always open, and always ready to help you choose the perfect limo for your needs.

Have fun, and thanks for reading!

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